Civic Popular Colors

When it comes time to buy a car, chances are you're thinking about the amenities, technology, performance, safety, and all around value it provides. However, choosing the color of your car is also an important part of the process. If you're looking for a compact sedan in Atlanta, you've likely come... [read more]

2014 Honda Civic Video

2014 Honda Civic
The 2014 Honda Civic gets more impressive every year. Atlanta drivers looking for tons of value, great efficiency, a fun-to-drive feel, and the latest technology in a compact sedan or coupe will find everything they've been looking for in the Civic. Honda is constantly improving the Civic to meet the... [read more]

What’s a Used Honda Civic Worth?

If you are thinking of getting a 2014 Honda Civic, then you may be wondering what a used model is worth. Maybe you are considering whether you should purchase a new or used version right now. It is also possible you are planning ahead in case you want a new... [read more]

How to get 200,000 Miles from your 2014 Honda Civic

The 2014 Honda Civic is considered one of the best car choices for those wishing to buy one that will last for years to come – and for good reason. Both the 2014 Civic and previous models are among the few cars that experts claim can last a full 200,000... [read more]

Awesome Road Trip Features: 2014 Honda Civic

One of the most anticipated new cars for the year is the 2014 Honda Civic. In the past, the Civic has been one of the most popular small cars in the market; in recent years, it has gained some more competition. Despite this competition, the Civic holds its own and... [read more]