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Honda Civic: Marietta Maintenance Guide

If you’ve recently purchased a 2014 Honda Civic in Marietta, you can be forgiven for putting maintenance issues to the back of your mind. Honda automobiles are renowned for their reliability. It’s worth applying a gentle reminder though, to guard against over-complacency. Like any car, there will al
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Honda Odyssey Named ‘Best Minivan for Families’

The 2014 Honda Odyssey has won the ‘Best Minivan for Families’ award for the fourth consecutive year as part of U.S. News & World Report‘s annual ‘Best Cars for Families‘ honors. The top safety-rated1, best-selling2 Odyssey was praised for gathering excellent review
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2014 Honda Civic Buy vs. Lease in Marietta

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. More drivers are turning to leasing as a way to obtain a new car. This alternative to buying will suit some people more than others and weighing up the options can be tricky. Perhaps you’re considering a 2014 Honda Civic lease arrangement and are unsure if
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2014 honda civic new wheels red car large

2014 Civic EX-L Review for Marietta Drivers

The Honda Civic is a rising star. This economical vehicle has branched out to become a fleet of high-end, high efficiency, green thinking, and even luxurious vehicles. Honda owners are always eager to see what is coming next in the Honda world. Here at Honda Carland North, we are pleased to give you
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Used Civic Buyers Guide

If you’re in the market for a used Honda Civic in Atlanta, we have a great range in our inventory here at Honda Carland North. With the new 2014 Civic models now on sale, it’s the perfect time for buyers to hunt for a bargain on an older Honda Civic in Atlanta dealerships. Fans of the Civic often up
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